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Conjugation power change was calculated as change in refraction at the spectacle plane with vertex distance to the posterior spectacle surface of 12 mm.

Anterior displacement of 1 mm was calculated to produce a change in conjugation power of approximately 1.2 D.

However, 1 mm movement of a 32 D IOL at that location would produce a change in conjugation power of approximately 2.6 D.

Having confirmed that in a model of the human eye, object distance change per unit axial movement increased with lens power, we investigated alternative scenarios whereby a dual optic lens system was created in which an anterior converging lens was assigned a high plus power well beyond that required to produce emmetropia, but a posterior diverging lens was assigned the minus power required to return the eye to emmetropia.

Elements are incorporated to control minimum separation, thus setting the resting distance refraction at emmetropia.

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