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He was Artistic director at Royal Copenhagen from 1949 while also artistic director of Alumina also from 1928-1969 He designed at least four of their best known production ranges – Solberg (1930s), Marselis (Alumina 1950s) Tenera (1960s) and Baca (1964 -).

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In December 2012 Axcel sold Royal Copenhagen to the Finnish listed company Fiskars, which was founded in 1649.

The tradition of Christmas plates started hundreds of years ago in Europe, when wealthy people presented their servants with cakes and sweets, served on decorative plates of wood or metal at Christmas time.

Among the artist's signature and other marks it is marked Aluminia.

The bowl is by Beth Beyren and is marked Aluminia as well as the artist signature/model no.

In the period preceding that, it was not uncommon to see the same artists and the same designs produced under either factory's name.

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