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Photo by youtube This past Friday tickets went on sale for the Avenged Sevenfold concert in Peoria and to help kick off ticket sales bassist Johnny Christ called in to chat about the show, the new cover they just released (which is one of my all time favorite Pink Floyd tunes) & we discuss pineapple and if it belongs on I always get a little nervous doing band interviews, but this one proved to be one of my favorite.Johnny was awesome to chat with and turns out that he’s “so basic”….listen to the interview and see if can catch what I mean by that.”, “and we will not date anyone who drinks, do drugs, smoke and anyone who doesn’t believe in Jesus our Saviour” we laughed, held each others hands and skipped to our class GOD has someone, something, and some awesome stuffs in store for you 🙂 ❤ Just pray and wait for the right moment.

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Unfortunately because of this exciting announcement I have had to stay back and miss a couple of shows in one of my favorite countries, Germany.

We have one of our amazing techs filling in so the shows can go on.

Also, tickets are on sale now for the Peoria date, featuring Breaking Benjamin and Bullet For My Valentine on January 25th.

Tickets on sale now at the Toyota Box Office and through ticketmaster.

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