Cam chat without membership - Are ariana and matt bennett dating

by  |  10-Mar-2018 04:15

, which is probably why the rumor mills is buzzing with relationship talk between Ariana Grande and Leon Thomas III.

The teen stars have been seen being flirty on the set and they hang out all the time, so the idea that something romantic could develop is not exactly far-fetched.

It’s a shame two people can’t share screen time before they’re instantly labelled a couple!

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We may not know who Gillies’ boyfriend is currently (she’s kept a tight lid on that one), but with the start of a new show coming up, it means that there are countless interview opportunities to find out.

Maybe someone will be able to get the young star to talk (or at least hint) about all those Matt Bennett posts.

Also, they have been doing podcasts on Matt's Sound Cloud account discussing things such as the meaning of life and other topics.

Elizabeth Egan “Liz” Gillies was born on July 26, 1993 in Haworth, New Jersey to parents Dave and Lorrie.

Doesn’t she know there’s no such thing as a well-kept secret in Hollywood?

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