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Proper preparation for a date is very important as it will determine whether the meet up will go well enough for subsequent dates. Dating may seem to be quite straightforward for many men but this is not always the case as some of them face challenges that make fail in most of their attempts.To be able to pull off successful dates over and over again it is important to be aware of some dating tips that are likely to come in handy whether planning for a first or fifth date.

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A nice comment or a few small gestures will impress any woman, but an offensive remark or being careless will ruin your chances of success.

The following list of behaviors and habits may make all the difference between you getting ‘that’ girl’s number and receiving nasty looks. Ignore the mobile If you spend most of your waking...

There’s no two ways about it guys, women (yes, in general) will have their own way of hiding the whole truth from you. It could be she’ll tell half-truths or little white lies in order to maintain peace.

Other times, she is motivated either to cover her own tracks or for protecting her...

While it is not the biggest of the "generalist" matchmaking sites out there, it is nonetheless a good one with an emphasis on validating a members marital and criminal status.

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