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The phone – which was adjusted by security expert Martin Emms and his team of researchers at Newcastle University’s Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security – also accessed the last ten transactions made on the account.

By simply holding the phone near a wallet, our reporter was able to download the details within two seconds, fuelling fears that the technology could be exploited by thieves in a crowd or by brushing past someone.

He said: ‘The problem with contactless cards is they have been rolled out in a haphazard way without careful thought into the consequences.‘With a modified phone, which can be put together easily, a bank account can have its details stripped from a contactless card in seconds.

With the list of someone’s last ten transactions, a thief can use that to answer a bank’s security question.

This allows customers to request information from merchants regarding their queries instead of directly contacting their card-issuing bank for raising a chargeback. "I accept the transaction policy" statement on 'Merchant/s' payment page, as recommended by Visa/Mastercard. Preserving proof of deliveries for one year as per rules by Visa/Mastercard. Cancellation on fraud orders within 48 hours of the transaction time to prevent the fraud to transaction ratio as per rules by Visa/Mastercard.

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