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Good morning text messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend guarantee you’re in pole position.

Let’s her know you are thinking of her all night long and there’s only good in that. Showing your appreciation for your girlfriend first thing in the morning will certainly get you brownie points. In an established relationship: When you are actually dating it’s important to send regulars good morning texts. If this one doesn’t bring a smile to their face, I don’t know what will.

It’s important to be honest and let her know how you feel. This is a sincere and straight forward text message that’ll make her heart flutter. This is a really cute text that’s going to make your girlfriend blush with delight. Yes I know this one’s from the movies but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful. It doesn’t matter whether she got a good night’s sleep or not, because this good morning message will make her day. Here’s another morning message that will make your significant other feel golden.

He may not be getting out of bed for a while (wink-wink) Another text message that’s going to make him feel all mushy inside.

If you are looking to make him feel special, mission accomplished. Send him this text to let him know you love his hugs and more importantly you want them. The perfect combination when you’re wiping sleep from your eyes. Letting your man know he’s got the magical powers to make you hot even when he’s not there is awesome. This is a great way to let your man know you’re thinking about him and ask him out at the same time. Doesn’t really matter if it works out or not because it’s the thought that counts. Tells him you are excited for him to wake up so you can wish him good morning.

Women love powerful messages and you’ve nailed it with this one. Just enough to let them know they are on your mind.

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