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In the past, we used GALMOD, but I think that's pretty dated now.

Then go back to the DNS console, and hit the F5 button a few times. After you've confirmed the SRV records populated (the yellow subfolders), "A" hostname records populated, the Ldap Ip Address populated (the "same as parent" record name that shows up under or .local zone), then change the updates to Secure Only.

The per-service SID is derived from the service name and is unique to each service.

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It is the per-service SID that must be assigned the access permission on the file location.

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Permission to the default location is configured during setup.

If you place your database files in a different location, you might need to follow these steps to grant the Database Engine the full control permission to that location.

Maybe Windows 8 might come with the refresh issue fixed.

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