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They do not care about Christians.” West African Nation: According to a report, “Muslims radicals punished the [14-year-old] daughter of a Christian missionary for her faith by subjecting her to brutal female genital mutilation.

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They broke into the missionary center and plundered money and computer equipment.

They then escaped with the ambulance of the medical center with the nun.” Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches Central African Republic: Supporters of a Muslim rebel group destroyed two churches and killed a pastor in what are described as “revenge attacks.” After the nation’s forces, backed by UN peacekeepers, launched a military operation to interrogate Youssouf Malinga, a local Muslim militia leader known as the “Big Man,” he and his men opened fire on the security forces and killed two passersby.

Security responded with fire and killed Malinga and one of his men; three security forces troops were also injured in the shootout.

Malinga’s supporters responded by surrounding an apostolic church and stabbing its pastor to death. At least two churches were destroyed, along with a school,” in the “revenge attacks,” the report adds: “Central African Republic was plunged into civil war in 2013 following the overthrow of former president Francois Bozize, a Christian, by Muslim rebels from the Seleka militia.” Congo: Churches are “being desecrated and Christian nuns terrorised by ‘violent thugs’ amid a wave of increased hostility on Christians,” according to reports. They ‘overturned the tabernacle, ransacked the altar, smashed some of the benches and attempted to set fire to the church,’ the archbishop said.” Iran: “Historical churches in Iran being destroyed while UNESCO overlooks,” is the title of one report.

After three weeks of pressure from Tania’s family and human rights groups, who insisted that the girl had been raped and murdered—as so many Christian girls (and boys) in Pakistan have been before her—police finally conceded that she had not killed herself.

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