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Naked women on cams at work-7

A few times a week I'll slip off to the washroom, hike up my skirt, drop my panties and frig myself off, but today I had another idea.

I pulled my shirt and bra back up over my bare breasts and stood up. I slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head, dropping it on the floor.

"Do you mind if I just sit here for a while and rub my wet clit? I spread my pussy lips and began rubbing my wet clit with two fingers.

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I was now wearing only a small pair of black thong panties. I gave my ass a hard slap with the palm of my hand and listened to the sound bounce around the empty office. I imagined my co-workers were sitting there, staring at my near-naked body. I reached around and grabbed my bare ass cheeks with both hands and spread them as wide as I could. " I asked, "Can you get a good look at my pussy and asshole? Maybe use your camera-phone to take some close-ups of my shaved pussy? Take as many pictures of my naked body as you want!

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