Who is priscilla presley currently dating andy stanley podcasts on dating

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She speaks warily; her body language is stiff and cautious.When I ask if she is a suspicious person, she responds: “I should be more suspicious. Something happens to people around fame and power and money, it can bring out the worst and best in people, it’s a monster you have to tame.” Lisa Marie Presley has led a colourful life.

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She did not launch her own musical career until she was 34, in 2003, with the album To Whom it May Concern.

“It was something I always thought I’d do but I waited 'til I felt ready,” she says.

Like her mother, Priscilla, she joined the Church of Scientology, although several songs on her new album suggest disenchantment with “religion so corrupt and running lives”.

Presley won’t talk about her marriages or disillusionment with Scientology, except in the vaguest terms, but it’s not hard to read between the lines.

According to a story that surfaced this month, Lisa Marie Presley is currently employed by a Mr Chippy fast food van in Sussex.

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