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Darkfall by Stephen Laws (3.20/4) Good but I think I read it too fast. Hamilton (3/4) Just about what I'd expect of an Anita Blake book. With two down, Nomar kicks a grounder from Jeter that should end the inning, and Sheffield takes Lowe out to left-center for a 7-2 lead. ) muffs a double-play ball, and Tony Clark goes long.

F'rinstance (from June 29th, at Yankee Stadium): In the Yanks' fourth, with one down, Lowe walks former Cardinal Miguel Cairo, who, on the very next pitch, steals Tek's sign for a curve and swipes second."Does Varitek throw any runners out? Like Wake's knuckler, Lowe's sinker is a tough pitch to dig out.

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Darkfall by Stephen Laws (3.1/4) Interesting horror novel. Lenny Di Nardo is warming, and short of a miracle, this one's done.

Good read but not as good as his 'Repairman Jack' series.4. No second chance by Harlan Coban (3.5/4) Good novel. I should have spread out the reading over a day or two but that's what I get for reading it over Memorial Day weekend. The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory (3.75/4) Very good, if a bit long. It's 9-2, and all the runs have come from hired guns: Sheffield, Matsui, Clark.

Posted by chillas on : Finding Serenity, a book of essays revolving around the television show Firefly, and the upcoming movie, Serenity. A darkly enjoyable book about a pre-teen whose life is turned upside down.2. The book is divided into anecdotal chapters, each of which highlights an unusual murder case and the interesting advancements made in forensic anthropology over the years.

Any suggestions for further reading on that topic are welcome and encouraged... Danielewski as an intermittent read, currently paused at Tom's monologuing. Personally, I'm surprised that in Danielewski's massive list of authors that mentioned mazes, M. So far I think it might have convinced me that I'm not as interested in attendng as I was before I picked up the book. A look inside the famous Tennessee Body Farm, where corpses are laid out in all sorts of weather and burial conditions in order to assist forensic examiners in determining times of death.

By Sidney Sheldon (finished 3/28) Pretty good, run of the mill (in a good way) Sheldon thriller. The good part was it was pretty short (less than 200 pgs). (Savannah but not Atlanta, for example.) It's close to twenty years old, though.

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