Screen updating off

by  |  01-Mar-2018 15:48

Regards, jon [font=Verdana][size=2]You should not have to do all that.What method (action) are you using to execute your queries in the macro?

The example hides every other column on Sheet1, while keeping track of the time it takes to do so.

The first time the example hides the columns, screen updating is turned on; the second time, screen updating is turned off. Hidden = True End If Next c stop Time = Time elapsed Time(i) = (stop Time - start Time) * 24 * 60 * 60 Next i Application.

I have a form that i am using that I would like to update at certain points in the code.

I have the screenupdating set to false but it seems that this is keeping the userform from refreshing as well.

Remember to set the Screen Updating property back to True when your macro ends.

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