Who is joey kovar dating

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Unfortunately when she woke, he had already passed.Country music singer and former Celebrity Rehab patient Mindy Mc Cready died on Sunday of an apparent suicide.

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After Jason, Lauren found comfort in the arms of Doug Reinhardt, a former baseball player and total jackleg. Reality television star Joey Kovar was found dead on Friday, and his August 18th autopsy report was inconclusive and the cause of death will be determined by pending toxicology reports.

He was so skeezy I needed to shower after watching a scene with him in it. Joey struggled with addiction while appearing on The Real World: Hollywood and also did a stint on Celebrity Rehab in 2009.

Joey admitted he had struggled with substance abuse for years and left the show mid-season to enter rehab.

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to maintain his sobriety.

Stacey Achterhof told officials that Joey had showed up to her home announcing that he was on cocaine just before midnight on Thursday and requesting that she give him a ride so he could get more cocaine.

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