Xxxcam arab - Updating hp mediasmart

by  |  14-Feb-2018 00:23

HP won’t support you if you want to revert versions, though it should be possible by performing a Factory Reset with your original Server Recovery disk, which erases all the disks in your server.For owners of the EX470 or EX475 there are a number of changes, almost all of which should be considered positive improvements, with possibly one contentious change being the replacement of the Webshare feature by the new Photo Viewer.I have had the upgrade disks for a couple of weeks now and have performed the update on both the Media Smart Server EX475 and EX487, and have put together this guide to help you through the process.

The upgrade costs US$25 or €25 and a pack of CDs and DVDs will be shipped to you.

While you are waiting for the upgrade disks to arrive, I suggest you review the upgrade process outlined in the following guides from HP.

The Photo Viewer has a few significant differences in that it does not allow the ability to configure accounts for family or friends, has no email notifications, and doesn’t allow visitors to upload photos to your albums.

If you are attached to the behavior of the Photo Webshare than you likely will not want to upgrade.

The process is covered in the Upgrade Guides linked above, in our Wiki, and you are also guided step-by-step when you insert the Server Recovery DVD into your client PC.

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