Dating sites for people in ministry

by  |  25-Jan-2018 06:06

Even if that friendship doesn't lead to something romantic. Spend the extra time getting to know them by emailing, talking on the phone, learning about their past, etc.

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Anyone that God is bringing to you is worth the extra time in building a friendship.

Now some men may joke and say they are too old to wait too long. You will never regret building a friendship—a friendship that can be in your life forever.

As a caution though, many use online dating not as a noble alternative to finding their spouse but rather a place to satisfy their mortal cravings.

The World Wide Web has become not only a place where we can connect with people, information and ideas quickly, but also a place where “wolves” can hide behind the cloak of a username and fabricated profile in sheep’s clothing. I have seen my elderly and widowed mother be an enticement to male suitors who want a capable and desirable caretaker along with intimate female companionship.

At some point down the line you will want (need) to meet this person face to face.

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