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by  |  21-Feb-2018 21:33

This is where I'm asking the pros in here for guidance.

What other steps can I take now to protect myself so that she doesn't find my real contacts, the ones I do care and definitely do not want them to see this video, even if the quality of the video is very low? If you have the same pictures online somewhere else, delete them so she can't find them via image reverse birls.

I was expecting her to hit me with a request for money to continue the show.

She said she'd delete it under one condition and that is to send her 1KUSD via Click here Union chat or else she'll spread the video everywhere.

She did ask me chat showing her real end girls why I had no info about me there on my FB. I always was under the impression that FB is a waste of time and this is the final straw. Before deleting wink, I posted a status warning the people on my fake account that someone hacked my click at this page and that I was going to delete my account. Obviously, giving her my fake FB account with no info about me.

The first couple were just a series spaced about an hour apart.

All of them were too far away from I can consider as potential mate, at least a long term partner.

The following 13 users Like el mechanico's post: Too much risk of not only meeting someone who looks nothing like their pictures, but also the off chance that you get humiliated by people looking to take the piss. I don't know if that video is supposed to be educational or satirical. I know well that not everyone clicks instantly on the first meeting.

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