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If true, this would suggest that may be a little better at bringing romance ito their customers' lives.But, like e Harmony, many clients complain their membership renewed when they didn't want it to and many complain of double-billing. “Since then I have been charged 3 times 9.54 through Pay Pal.

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However, readers didn’t seem to have as many billing issues with e Harmony as they did with Match.

So, both sites can either help or frustrate you when it comes to finding a mate, and according to our readers, the more time you spend reading all of the guidelines, the more likely you’ll be less surprised about certain charges.

Although there are some readers who found that same kind of success with e Harmony, the balance seems to top towards

also has a slight advantage over e Harmony for the live events that the site puts together.

So to help in this area of finding a mate, a lot of folks have gone the digital route instead of the bar route, and spend their time cruising dating site profiles instead of cruising the local neighborhood singles bar.

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