How to begin dating again after a breakup

by  |  24-Jan-2018 20:23

)Aside from immediate family, perhaps nobody understands the intricacies of you better than close friends.

Apart from being your emotional support, friends will also help to mitigate some of the impulsive behavior demonstrated after a breakup: “drunk texting,” social media wallowing, etc.

This doesn’t mean ransack your house or run through the streets screaming; it means to have fun.

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– Neil Sedaka, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”The very nature of giving your heart, mind and soul to somebody else is un-replicable.

It only makes sense that, when – through the unfolding of unfortunate events – a breakup occurs, it can be incredibly damaging to that very heart, mind and soul.

You think: “Why would I want to go out and get back into another relationship mess and do this all over again? Having a positive attitude toward it all can be very hard, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to find “the one.” That said, there is no need to drive full force into another relationship or jump back into the dating pool head first.

Take your time and ease back into it when you’re ready to. Here are a few steps to take to ease yourself back into dating after a breakup.

Vikki Stark, MSW – a family therapist and author – states: This quick intro segues into the topic of this article: how to heal after a breakup.

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