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However, this one from the Huff Post, is actually pretty good.

It features some of LA’s top pro-dommes, and the advice is both well written and well thought out.

Like a lot of other “adult oriented sites”, most of the males on there create free accounts and act like “horny teenage boys”, trying to get laid.

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Though the sites may not encourage members to cheat on their partners, they do assist those who wish to do so, and have become very successful in the process.

While these sites do attract criticism, they also keep things up front among those who use them.

I particularly like the suggestions by Mistress Iris to take orgasms off the table and not to be afraid to experiment and play around with roles.

There’s no right way to explore kink and very little in life works out perfectly the first time you try it. Yet, with sex, we often get hung up on always achieving a specific sticky end result. This artwork, by the inimitable Sardax, is Mistress Georgia Payne, one of the dommes interviewed for the article.

But underneath that there are real people looking for real encounters.

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