Are simon baker and robin tunney dating

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But to actually declare himself to her is a major step of getting back into the real world and being human again. "We're very happy with where we've taken them." Do you hope Lisbon and Jane get together in Sunday's season finale?

In August 2006, Tunney played in the World Series of Poker after having her entrance fee covered by the online cardroom Poker

turn into something more on Sunday's season finale? Faced with a do-or-die moment, Jane arranges a romantic dinner for himself and Lisbon.

She had a minor role in the film August released on July 11, 2008.

Tunney also starred opposite Simon Baker in the CBS drama series The Mentalist, playing Teresa Lisbon.

In last week's episode, Lisbon told Pike that she was taking the job offer in D. However, she neglected to share the news with Jane.

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