Updating your tenant lease divorced men with kids dating

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When dealing with tenants, you need to spell everything out for them.Simply handing them a lease and asking them to sign may get them in your property quicker, but it will certainly lead to a mess if something happens down the road.I’ll do these upgrades if the tenant promises to contribute, and if I think that the upgrade can be justified in terms of increased rent if the current tenant leaves.

While this is true, you shouldn’t get too stressed, as living in a crappy apartment that you have to move out of often costs even more than living in a well-maintained apartment.

When a tenant asks me to upgrade his apartment, there are two basic questions that I ask myself: This gives me five possible answers to the tenant ranging from “right away sir” to “over my dead body." Here’s how I decide:1.

Unless it is unrealistic, extremely expensive, prohibited, or otherwise unusually difficult, many small landlords will be happy to oblige.

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In particular, make sure everyone knows what is covered by insurance and who will pay it.

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