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My parents were wrong with saying how 'great' it was. See since I'm the son of the great Zacky Vengeance, all the girls just fling themselves at me.

Which don't get me wrong is nice, but it just sucks cause I know they're all super fake.

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Me and Amberlyn walked into Huntington High School and went straight to the quad to our group of friends. I sat down in the grass and just listened to whatever they were talking about.

"So Amberlyn do you have a date to the Spring Fling yet? "I've had a few offers, but none of them caught my eye." She replied back smirking at me.

He was self taught on the guitar, and is frankly one of the best guitarists ever. A, meaning Avenged, and 7x meaning Seven times, or Sevenfold.

He’s married to Michelle Dibennedetto, now Michelle Haner. He’s not married, but he is dating a woman named Gena Paulhus, who can be seen in Afterlife, dancing with him, and in Seize the Day, during the funeral scene. Johnny Christ, the shortest member of Avenged Sevenfold (standing at 5’4) is none other than Johnathan Lewis Seward.

Rest in Peace, our dearest James Owen Sullivan, we’ll never forget you.

Is synyster gates still dating

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