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Like Karima, Paul is an outwardly mundane man, a respected lawyer, but behind closed doors, he becomes something else altogether, much to Karima's delight.Known to many of the movers and shakers across the City of Duluth, Karima Ali-Rosenthal and Paul Rosenthal are pillars of the community, but they are also avid swingers who also dabble into the BDSM lifestyle.

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Karima enjoyed dominating both men and women, and has a thing for pushing boundaries.

Most men initially find her sexy but soon discover her scary side and flee.

For Karima, this was indeed the greatest show on earth...

"Damn, that cock feels big," Steve groaned, and Paul rammed his cock up his ass, loving the feel of a young Black man's asshole around his cock.

Fortunately, not all men are turned off by scary, freaky women...

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