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Paul hadn't had male ass in a while and wanted to make up for lost time..."Oh yes, your ass is so tight," Paul murmured as he bent Steve over and worked his thick pale cock into his ass.For Karima, this was indeed the greatest show on earth...

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"Hmmm, I like watching Black men get butt-fucked by White men," Karima said coyly, and the voluptuous, dark-skinned gal grinned and fingered her pussy as she watched her husband Paul having some fun with Steve Clayton, a handsome young Black man whom Karima met while volunteering at the local public library.

Steve was moping over the problems he was having with Deirdre, the White chick he was currently dating.

Indeed, they got off on both pain and pleasure, this dynamic, freaky duo...

"I want to ride you, Paul," Steve said, and Paul grinned, and then looked at Karima, who nodded. Paul lay flat on the carpeted floor of the Rosenthal household living room, stroking his thick pale cock, and Steve climbed on top of him.

Karima introduced Steve to her hubby Paul, who made him forget about Deirdre...

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