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Supreme Court decides in an Oklahoma case that states must admit qualified African Americans to previously all-white graduate schools when no comparable black institutions are available. This is the complete 1949 edition of the book used by African American motorists to find accommodations across the nation which accepted black travelers during the era of racial segregation.

Supreme Court rules in a Texas case that states must make equal educational facilities available to African American graduate and professional students.

In this letter to the Orlando Sentinel on August 11, 1955, she criticizes the 1954 Brown v.

Supreme Court rules railroad dining car segregation is unequal treatment and thus violates the Interstate Commerce Act. During her later years she became supporter of conservative causes.

Tennessee Segregation (Jim Crow) Laws, This document lists all of the racially restricted legislation passed by the State of Tennessee during the 89 year Jim Crow era in that state. This act of Congress was the first attempt to protect the civil rights of the newly freed African Americans. These are among the first post-Civil War statutes designed to establish the rights and regulate the behavior of ex-slaves at the state level. These four measures enacted on March 2, March, 23, and July 19, 1867, and March 11, 1868, established the basic provisions for Congressional Reconstruction in the ex-Confederate states including allowing suffrage for African American men.

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