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In 1965, Leary commented that he had "learned more about ... [and] more about psychology in the five hours after taking these mushrooms than ...

in the preceding 15 years of studying and doing research in psychology." Leary returned from Mexico to Harvard in 1960, and he and his associates (notably Richard Alpert, later known as Ram Dass) began a research program known as the Harvard Psilocybin Project.

Walsh, head of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee, who conducted a personal investigation.

Behind the scenes, the Honor Committee revised its position and announced that it would abide by the court-martial verdict.

In addition to his teaching duties, Leary was affiliated with the Harvard Center for Research in Personality under Mc Clelland and oversaw the Harvard Psilocybin Project and concomitant experiments in conjunction with assistant professor Richard Alpert.

In 1963, Leary was terminated for failing to give his scheduled class lectures, while he claimed that he had fulfilled his teaching obligations in full.

He also wrote and spoke frequently about transhumanist concepts involving space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension (SMI²LE), He attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts from September 1938 to June 1940.

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