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Before having kids, I always wondered why these moms always made their babies wear such tacky bibs around their neck at almost all times. I changed his clothes multiple times a day, and I changed my clothes multiple times a day. The bibs that worked the best for us were always a jersey knit type fabric. When you start working with different mediums of fabric, things get a bit tricky. Jersey Knit fabric for front Terry cloth for middle Cotton fabric for back Snaps Basic sewing supplies (sewing machine, pins, cutting mat, rotary cutter, scissors, etc.) How to sew a homemade (super absorbent) baby’s bib. I used the template and first cut the cotton backing. Using the pinned cotton backing, cut out the terry cloth and knit. I will trim the terry cloth and knit more accurately after I have sewn the three layers together.Even after having my first baby, I still didn’t understand. Then I used the cotton backing as a template to cut the other layers. Cutting roughly gives a little extra room if some of the fabrics shift.

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Excessive wear on the inner or outer edge of the tire, known as “toe wear” or, in more extreme cases, as “camber wear,” suggests something may be wrong with the wheel alignment, according to Bridgestone.

To help fix the problem, you’ll likely need to make an appointment with a mechanic. If the center of the tire is quicker to wear than the edges, then the tire is likely overinflated.

Find the proper tire pressure for your vehicle by looking at the sticker typically found in the doorjamb on the driver side or in the owner’s manual, according to Edmunds.

Adjust the tire pressure accordingly for a smooth, safe ride. If the outer edges of the tire wears faster than the center, the tire is likely underinflated, says Popular Mechanics.

Wear patterns aren’t the only things you can learn about from a close inspection of a tire.

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