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The molded-in markings on the side of the tire include information about everything from the tire’s size and load rating to its temperature and traction rating.All tires are also marked with a manufacturer’s date.On the first two bibs I made, I left the hole at the bottom. After turning my bib right side out and sewing around the perimeter, I kept ending up with bunching. I could never get the bib to look perfect when I left the hole at the bottom.

It’s easier for me to get a clean tuck if I have ample fabric for tucking.

I highly recommend leaving the hole at the top of the neck of the bib.

Regardless of the season, the effects of winter may linger in your tires: Snow, salt, cold or fluctuating temperatures, and the winter potholes that often afflict roadway, can all cause wear and tear.

In fact, your car’s tires often have a story to tell, and if you want to determine how well the tires are doing, then you need to be able to understand what the tire wear patterns mean.

Whether tire wear patterns suggest something as simple as an overinflated or underinflated tire, or point to a more serious problem with the car’s suspension or alignment, by understanding what the tire wear patterns and molded-in markings mean, you’ll be better able to determine the overall health of your car.

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