dating of speleothems - Effect of backdating a contract

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Effect of backdating a contract chat people love dating indonesian

Lack of a prosecution does not mean a lack of legal consequences.

But even if there is no crime committed (for example, if the back dating was accidental so that there was no such that in the eyes of the courts, the document is treated as though it does not exist.

However in practice, for both good reasons and bad, back dating of documents does occur.

The risks of back dating (or misdating) documents accidentally is multiplied in modern commercial transactions by the practice of getting all the documents signed before “completion” and then rushing around dating them afterwards.

When we say “back dating” what we usually mean is executing a document and then dating it with an earlier date than the actual date of execution, with the intention that it should be treated as giving rise to legal rights before the actual date.

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