G dragon dating model

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Another photo shows a woman, presumably Komatsu, with her back to the camera while sitting on G-Dragon's lap.

The photos were exposed after the settings on his personal account had reportedly been changed to public from private after the hack. image (G-Dragon official Instagram) In addition, he has updated his official Instagram account with a photo of a man with his face bandaged and a caption that reads, "I can't handle people anymore." YG Entertainment has yet to issue an official statement in regards to the dating rumours, but according to a source, they will most likely not respond and will continue to respect the artist's private life.

TOP said “It was serious to the point where it can be considered as a bipolar disorder. I think I comfort things like my craziness a lot by looking at artworks.

More than 95% of my income is spent on purchasing artworks. it has been 10 years.” He also revealed an episode regarding YG. I receive questions about YG cafeteria and Y6 family.

All questions to Taeyang were connected with his girlfriend Min Hyorin. “I also often write handwritten letters to Min Hyorin.“ Seungri who helped out Gdragon talking about his dating scandal. Seungri honestly said “It has been long since I dated. I have a trauma" and even mentioned the rumours that surrounded him.

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