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Up to 40% of web users abandon an e Commerce site if page load times exceed 3 seconds.

Shopping cart data, despite being unique for each user, can now be cached with auto cache invalidation since Scale Arc ensures data consistency and reflects the new items in Scale Arc’s cache as soon as the cart is modified.

Scale Arc’s auto cache invalidation feature uses the transparent No SQL technology by extracting metadata from the query and tagging the cache objects used to associate cache entries with invalidation queries.

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The invalidation mechanisms can also be triggered via API or as part of a SQL comment that includes the metadata for the column values.

The following use cases are supported using the auto cache invalidation-based method: Shopping cart data is tracked for a user in an e Commerce application on every page load.

If that describes the average usage for your database, you may see a small performance boost by disabling the query cache altogether.

To do so, edit your configuration file and set the query_cache_size to 0 and query_cache_type to 0.

Users seldom modify their profiles, but when they do – such as update a password – the app must immediately reflect the changed data.

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