Invalidating query cache entries Text based fucking chat online

by  |  17-Jan-2018 22:15

Users browse through a lot of items before the final checkout, which puts significant load on the database.It is widely known that having slow load times impacts sales, and querying cart data from the database can slow web page performance.

The invalidation mechanisms can also be triggered via API or as part of a SQL comment that includes the metadata for the column values.

The following use cases are supported using the auto cache invalidation-based method: Shopping cart data is tracked for a user in an e Commerce application on every page load.

It may seem counterintuitive, but for some types of applications, the query cache, especially if set to be large, can reduce performance.

My SQL’s query cache stores the results of previously executed queries.

Any INSERT or UPDATE query will invalidate all cached SELECTs against a table.

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