Dating middle east customs

by  |  16-Mar-2018 13:36

Furthermore examining the reasons that Islamists (whether extremist or moderate) believe that their proposals would solve difficulties that plague many Muslim-dominated societies has the potential to reveal obstacles that those societies face that are normally neglected.

It has reasonably been pointed out that theological assumptions can not be disproved by theological argument.

However the extremists may have precipitated a crisis for Islam, because the need now to critically evaluate Islamists' proposed 'solutions' could cause cracks to emerge in the whole world-view that has been built around Islam.

That world view apparently suggests, for example, that natural and social systems should be 'scientifically' studied as a way of understanding the Divine - a dysfunctional assumption from a scientific viewpoint that has given Islamic scholars great authority over all aspects of life in Muslim societies.

Other factors were more significant in subsequent development of Middle East (eg mandates system established under League of Nations - and resistance by Turkish nationalists).

Attention is now paid to Sykes-Picot Agreement only as a metaphor.

They appear to believe that current problems can be solved if they gain power through violently destabilizing existing governments in Muslim societies especially in the Middle East.

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