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In the pilot, it’s a song called “Chocolate Muffins” and in episode three there’s another titled “Funk House.” “Mr.Robinson” also exhibits glimmers of comedic hope when Craig first meets his new boss, Principal Eileen Taylor (Peri Gilpin, “Frasier”), and she reams him for his over-inflated swagger and lack of career commitment.“I like Biggie, I hate Diddy and you don’t even register,” Principal Taylor scoffs, promptly and humorously putting Craig in his place.

And Amandla Stenberg (“The Hunger Games”), Dante Brown and Ethan Josh Lee (“Mortal Kombat”) bring youthful charisma as Craig’s snarky but sweet students. Pickles, the lost dog she’s babysitting for her boss before he returns?

There’s even a priceless guest turn from Gary Cole (“Veep,” “Office Space”) as an aged rocker who dangles a record contract in Craig’s direction. Can Craig, his fellow teachers and the children save the school from layoffs? Sometimes the show feels like a teen-sitcom akin to “Saved By the Bell” and at other times it resembles “The Steve Harvey Show.” There’s hints of “School of Rock” and “Glee,” when the kids sing, and more than a few nods to “Welcome Back Kotter.” The problem is, “Mr.

Robinson’s lovable style and chemistry with Good, Jackson and the series’ teen actors is undeniable.

But with a truncated, six-episode run, it’s hard to conceive that there will be enough time and viewership to turn things around for a second-season pickup.

actor says his weight loss started as an experiment.“I haven’t been drinking,” Robinson explains.

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