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The odd day or days at the end of the last complete tax week in the year, (5 April or in leap years, 4 and 5 April) are treated as a whole tax week, which is tax week 53.Income Tax months are periods following on from each other in an Income Tax year.You may be asked to produce evidence of how you’ve worked out If you’re unhappy with our service, usually a phone call to the person or office you’ve been dealing with will allow us to put things right quickly. However, if you’re still unhappy, or you would like to deal with someone else, then you may want to complain.

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Sudan’s three mobile operators - Zain Sudan, a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of Kuwait’s Zain, state-owned Sudani and South Africa’s MTN - typically buy equipment in hard currency such as dollars or the euro, so the pound’s plunge has upped expenditure at a time when average revenue per user (ARPU) - a key industry metric - is in retreat.

A Zain spokesman said the profit tax exemption would be backdated to Jan. Sudan’s mobile penetration was 58 percent in 2011, ranking it 159th globally according to data from the International Telecommunication Union, and there remains plenty of room for growth, although that could require operators to expand and improve their networks to reach unconnected residents.

Pay intervals can be: and NIC deductions for each of your employees.

It’s important that you keep payroll records, either in paper form or on a computer.

The amount the employee is due to receive before any deductions are made.

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