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S., and it’s Pharrell, and it was more of an urban contemporary sound that I didn’t have much experience with.

We were in the studio in Miami for a week, and it was such a cool experience that helped me get more comfortable in that kind of music.” , her third album, came about because, she says, “I really wanted to do something different; I was going through some rough times, and I wanted to be in a different space in life.” With the help of Fisticuffs producers (who work with Miguel and Jhené Aiko), she forged a smooth, neo-soul sound with hints of Janet Jackson and Aaliyah.

She’s been singing since she was 7, but after one too many rejections, she enrolled in law school, though she didn’t stop putting music on My Space.

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Yuna runs a clothing store called November Culture in Malaysia and also sells online.

She buys some of the attire, but also designs pieces, including a signature line of headscarves.

She graduated in 2009 with a law degree in her home country, Malaysia.

Now she's got a foothold on the Billboard charts, with Usher backing her up on her sultry "Crush." It's like the sound of sitting outside with someone pretty while everyone's wearing diaphanous linens. The only use it has, she says, is that she respects the power of legal agreements and signing her name.

She also tries to inspire younger girls to feel comfortable both in their skin and their beliefs.

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