Who is yuna zarai dating

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An oatmeal-colored overcoat covers her thin frame, from which a black turtleneck peeks out, and a tightly twisted hijab covers her hair.The 29-year-old attributes the lyrics on her new album —a moody and soulful release that includes hit song “Crush” featuring Usher—to her interpersonal struggles. I used that heartbreak to create something really beautiful.” As she takes off her black Helmut Lang jacket, she reveals another turtleneck.S., and it’s Pharrell, and it was more of an urban contemporary sound that I didn’t have much experience with.

“This time I decided to be more blunt in my lyrics.

“Places to Go” is something that I would never normally write because I would usually be worried with what people would think about me.

She also tries to inspire younger girls to feel comfortable both in their skin and their beliefs.

Although she has been criticized and made fun of for wearing the hijab, she says she doesn’t mind since it’s her choice.

And with a 30th birthday coming up this year, she’s setting her sights even higher, aiming for a global audience and her own space in the fashion world.

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