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Once up there speed up the next ramp and clear the gap, then head to the South and kill the two guards by the truck.

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The Triads You've Had Your Chips The Truth Don Peyote The Mafia Intensive Care The Meat Business Frank Tenpenny Misappropriation The Triads Fish In A Barrel The Mafia Freefall Frank Tenpenny High Noon Madd Dogg Madd Dogg The Mafia Saint Mark's Bistro Heist Missions Breaking The Bank At Caligula's The Triads A Home In The Hills Woozie is telling you about some problems with the Casino when one of his guys comes in and tells everyone that they caught someone trying to mess with their delivery.

CJ tells him to tie the guy to the front of a car and he'll go out and make him talk.

When you get back to Woozie you'll see there are two sets of missions available.

The yellow dragon's are the main missions, the green dollar's are the Heist Missions.

Your mission is to drive around like an idiot and scare the dude, without killing him with a head on collision.

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