Is ludacris and letoya luckett dating oujdadating

by  |  14-Mar-2018 17:27

I don’t trust that sister of yours Lake and that Drunk of a mom named Lucy! So as Loud and it Sounds, umm is Drunk Lucy your mother and is Lazy Lake your sister, because all three of you do not look a like at all, hell you don’t even Favor.

Despite all the drama, Evelyn has no regrets about putting her life on reality TV, telling her fans the pros definitely outweighed the cons.

And no matter what happened in the past, she’s looking ahead with optimism — even when it comes to romance.

Now I have said this before, That Mona knows how to find some Ghetto Field Hens to give us good ole TV.

Well, Well, Well, pull up a chair and let me pour you some nice sweet tea for this afternoon Tea Session.

So with all this being said, ummmm I hope Latavia has a real story line because I really don’t want to hear her talking about Destiny’s Child and how the group and Matthew did her wrong, because hunnie that was almost 2 centuries ago.

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