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From the kindness of my heart, I've singled out eight recent and not-so-recent games that'll keep your Bravely Default buzz going. : Well, first, there's the obvious: It's a turn-based RPG with a four-character combat party and a customizable mix-and-match character class system.

But as I've noted elsewhere, Dragon Quest IX may be Bravely Default's most direct antecedent because of its social features.

Instead, it's like a more primitive-looking version of Bio Ware's modern RPGs with far deeper game mechanics and character interactions. Its lighter tone and younger cast hews more closely to Bravely Default, though... While the battle mechanics are steeped in the rules of Shin Megami Tensei, the real appeal for most players comes from the moments between dungeons, in which you manage your hero's social and academic lives. : Any respectable retailer should carry it, but failing that there's always Play Station Network. Even the destruction of the village of Norende, which opens the game, hearkens back to Exdeath's summoning of The Void to swallow up the world. : FFV is defined by its flexibility of play, to the point that replaying it has become a collective annual tradition for hundreds of people. but it also offers a flexible difficulty in case you feel overwhelmed.

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It also features an impressively addicting alchemy system. most likely one of those aging big-box retailer chains that people use as a showroom for browsing before buying stuff on Amazon. : Well, Bravely Default started out as a sequel to 4 Heroes, so it stands to reason they'd be similar.

And if you manage to find other DQIX fans, you can fight through the adventure with a party comprised of yourself and three other players -- yet still a traditional turn-based RPG. The two games share a similar visual style (thanks to art direction by Akihiko Yoshida), similar skills, similar Job classes, similar music, and a similar old-school-made-new vibe. : If Bravely Default is basically a modern-day Final Fantasy V, 4 Heroes was a modern-day Final Fantasy III.

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if you're on my 3DS friends list (summoned super attacks are the kindest thing one friend can do for another).

Ps1 dating sim

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