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Prepon co-starred in the romantic comedy Slackers, which is about three best friends who try to scam their way through college and eventually get caught.

In 2001, she made her film debut in Steve Hanft's musical comedy-drama Southlander with Beck, Beth Orton and Hank Williams III, where she played Seven=Five, a young TV telepathic.

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"If you wanna have babies and remodel your bathroom, then please: go, do, nest," she says. Alex comes off as being more loyal, more genuine in her love for Piper.

"But if you wanna do X on a beach in Cambodia with three strangers in drag ... And there’s this question of whether Piper is just using Alex and everyone.

I read that your family has a tradition of singing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” around the holidays. No, I mean, that’s honestly something that’s on such an epic level of the Prepon world. And he was literally standing to the side, his mouth agape, like, What the hell am I witnessing? Like, to be your friend, someone has to be able to roll with that? He was like, “I need to know all the words.” He was like studying the song, so when we got to the wedding he could be involved in the performance. The feature is based on my mother — she’s like this amazing, eccentric woman.

Like, I remember one of my best friends, I brought him to my aunt’s wedding in Jersey, and I had warned him, “Listen, at some point in the night, Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ is going to play — and we do a dance to it.” And he’s like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.” At the end of the night, it was played.

Her other films include the romantic drama Come Early Morning (2006), the comedy Lay the Favorite (2012), the thriller The Girl on the Train (2016), and the drama The Hero (2017).

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