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And then I think next time he will be very behaved for what he did." My grandma whispered something in my moms ear and then my mom said "Alright, well stand up Charlie and go get your stuff" I got my stuff and walked into the living room, hugged my grandma and kissed her cheek goodbye.

On the ride home my mom said "Charlie, you knew you were on a no screw up policy this weekend. " I said "I dont know, I made a mistake, I got horny when she spanked me and it came out." My mom said "Your brother has done that before and im okay with it happening over my knee.

I brought them back to my mom who was waiting on my bed.

She said "Im going to give you 60 strokes with this brush, becuase that it half of $120 dollars, even though you broke $360 dollars worth." She then pulled me over her knee. Then she laid that thick brush on my bottom and began to strike it.

- This is a true story: My mom had just rung the doorbell to my grandmas house.

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