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And then I think next time he will be very behaved for what he did." My grandma whispered something in my moms ear and then my mom said "Alright, well stand up Charlie and go get your stuff" I got my stuff and walked into the living room, hugged my grandma and kissed her cheek goodbye.

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Crack CRACCK Finally it was over, She dressed me and put me to bed.

She said "Good boy, I love you." I cried for a little but then fell asleep.

At 8 tonight you will go in your room for an hour and stand in the corner naked. if you move from that corner your punishment will be worse.

At 9 I will spank you and thats final." it was only 1 o clock in the after noon.

She let me calm down before she said "Time for the ruler." It turns out I cummed on her lap during my hairbushing but she didnt care, I was getting the ruler for ******* on someone elses lap.

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