Gypsy travelers dating

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This involved nine months of living in a campsite; in a trailer with a fluid number of families, some of whom came and went during that period.We spoke with Professor Helleiner about her book and her work with Travellers. Matchmaking “The links of marriage are very important for a population that has often been dispersed.Traveller women might try to encourage future marriages between their husband’s families and their own which would bring their people into closer proximity…

There was and still is the opportunity for young women to avoid matches that they are not keen on through the practice of elopement or running away.

Traveller women have not accepted the notion, often perpetuated from the outside, that they are somehow victims of a culture and need to be saved from that.

One Marriage Draws Another “There was a pattern that I could see of women after marriage often ending up spending much more time with the husband’s people than their own…

This put you in somewhat of an outsider position as a woman.

Then I did a child care course I passed all my exams. Now they are.” In The Hidden World of Traveller Girls we go to Hazel Hill to talk with Helen Connors and Shirley Martin.

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