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The One Who Replaced The Kid Who Went..screw it, EMMET. Anyway, he was exceptionally good and The Hair One was going to have to fight to keep his grip on top spot in the Celtic Thunder preference rankings. I think the DVD I saw had them doing a bunch of pop songs as well as the Irish stuff and I sort of expected the show to be like that, but no. When Nan turned to me at the end of the night and asked if I liked it, I was able to say ‘yes’ with very little hesitation. Nan loved it, which was essentially the sole aim of the whole exercise, but I left rather charmed by them too.

Emmet didn’t have his own officially licensed t-shirt though, so that ultimately counted against him. And they reinforced how creepy I find covers of ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police. You can’t sit through two hours of that sort of thing and not feel in any way unentertained.

If you looked them up at the record store they’d be in the ‘World’ category, near the Eurovision compilations. Even though their name makes them sound like a group of Irish strippers, they’re very family friendly. I pretty much only knew them as ‘The One With The Hair’, ‘The Bald One’ and ‘The Other Three That Look The Same’. But let’s meet these dashing chaps that had everyone all a’ flutter.

I went to dinner at a nearby restaurant before the show, and I heard people at the next table over discussing the band and using their NAMES. The One Who Replaced The Kid Who Went and Joined Glee (Emmet Cahill) To be honest there’s like a thousand interchangeable guys in this band and I have no idea if he did actually replace the kid to went to Glee, but he wasn’t in the band when I saw the concert with the Glee kid in it, so that’s good enough for me. Apparently Ryan only re-joined the band fairly recently after being in a car accident.

The Bald One (George Donaldson) George is from Scotland and is a bus builder by trade. The Guitar One (Neil Byrne) The Guitar One played guitar in the Celtic Thunder band but then was upgraded to being Singer Guy when the DARK DESTROYER had his car accident (and/or bought a comb). He said during the show that he had a Fender Stratocaster since he was 7, which leads me to believe he was either a very spoilt child or his parents lied and actually just bought him a Mexican Squier knock-off. We accidentally got to the venue way too early, so killed some time by lining up in the already fairly lengthy merch line to buy a program.

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